PHS Was on Lock Down Thursday February 16

On Thursday morning, February 16, from approximately 9:40 to 10:30 AM, Pendleton High School was in Lock Down. The Lock Down incident was triggered inadvertently within the school building. School administration and law enforcement responded as though this was a real threat as they did not have information otherwise. Law enforcement arrived, swept the building and determined students were not in danger and there was no threat. The Lock Down was lifted at about 10:30.

As per protocol, during the event, all Pendleton schools were put on Lock Out as a precaution. Lock Out differs from a Lock Down in that classes go on as normal, but building entrances are secured and nobody is allowed to enter or leave the campus.  The Lock Outs were lifted after the all clear was given at the high school.

According to Superintendent Andy Kovach, district staff and law enforcement have already begun reviewing the incident to ensure the best procedures are in place for response.

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