Explaining Executive Function: Next Steps for Supporting FASD & Other Neurobehavioral Conditions

Nate Sheets of Oregon Behavior Consultation is a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Behavior Consultant who works and speaks all over the state. His goal is to provide practical strategies for parents and caregivers through Cognitive Support™. Join us for a discussion in March.

Executive Functioning skills are a critical set of cognitive skills that allow us to understand the world around us and make decisions that help us be successful. They include attention, transitioning from one thing to another, ignoring distractions, and regulating our emotions. For people with FASD and other neurobehavioral conditions frequently cannot access these skills, and this can lead to challenging behaviors.

Join us as Nate Sheets discusses:

  • Various Executive Functioning skills, and the behaviors they create when not available or developed.
  • How caregivers can think ahead to anticipate behaviors and provide a Cognitive Support.
  • Common mistakes we make when trying to support a person with Executive Functioning challenges.

Swindells Resource Center
Serving families of children with special needs 2017 Community Education

Saturday, March 11
8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Pendleton Early Learning Center 455 SW 13th Street,  Pendleton, OR 97801
Register at: www.providence.org/classes. Click on “online class catalog” and search by class name for “Swindells–Pendelton–Explaining Executive Function.”
To register by phone, call 503-215-2429 or 800-833-8899 ext 52429.

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Spanish interpretation services are available; please call 503-574-6595 before March 1.

This workshop is free thanks to the generosity of our donors. A certificate of attendance is available upon request.

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