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The Oregon Legislature has mandated that all Oregon school districts provide full-day Kindergarten starting in fall 2015. Thus, the Pendleton School District has created the Pendleton Early Learning Center (PELC), located in the completely remodeled and modernized old Hawthorne school.  Having all Kindergartners at the PELC -- a central location in Pendleton -- will enable a successful full-day Kindergarten program with adequate classroom space.

In addition, new statewide Early Childhood Education initiatives will likely increase the need for coordination between early childhood education and K-12 school districts to help better prepare children for Kindergarten. The PELC will also house other organizations that specialize in early childhood education, providing easy access and coordination for families to offices of local, county and state organizations that provide local resources and services.

The PELC concept is modeled after the Center for Children and Families in the Gladstone (Ore.) School District, which has been very successful. Please see the following video highlighting the programs and services at the Gladstone Center for Children and Families to get an idea of this concept:


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