Pendleton Staff in the Spotlight - April 2016

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Congratulations to Pendleton School District Staff in the Spotlight for April 2016! Every month, an employee at each of our schools is honored for going above and beyond their regular duties or for doing something special. Please join us in honoring these great staff members!

PELC Josh Linehan for helping our kids to be their best, for being a great role model to them and being willing to do whatever, whenever. He does an amazing job with all of our kindergartners from beginning to end. His lessons are amazing!
Lincoln Kory Stump for her positive attitude and going the extra mile for each student. She is patient and kind and sees that each student gets what he or she needs to be successful. Kory brings enthusiasm to her teaching and it is contagious! She works hard to reach every child.
McKay Amy Gunter for having such positive relationships with students and truly helping them learn, in the classroom and on the playground. In addition, she is such a positive person and contributes to making McKay a GREAT place to work.
Sherwood Tammy K Hillmick for filling in where needed. She is flexible, positive and great with people of all ages. She is always cheerful!
Washington Corrina Robinson for remaining calm and positive in the most difficult situations. Corrina is always positive and ready to help when needed – she is a great fit for Washington School.
West Hills Lori Marshall for all the extra effort in providing books for “Battle of the Books” and the fun contests she runs to encourage students to read.  She is always accessible and ready to help when needed.
Sunridge Ken Jacobs for moving the shop in a great new direction. Ken has raised a ton of interest in the community to inspire them to donate to our school, giving kids brand new supplies to use and build with. Ken also uses innovative ways to find supplies to re-purpose for cool student projects! His fun and passionate attitude is a great addition to Sunridge.
PHS Chris Bettineski for his continuing positive influence on our students.
Hawthorne Mitch Morioka for his tireless efforts to teach students the skills they need to succeed in math. He has a way of explaining math to his students so they just get it. Mitch’s positive attitude and great rapport with students keeps them active, engaged and excited to be at school.
Homestead Kim Richards for continuing to take care of all the extra points, privileges and math packet class. She has a great attitude and consistent work with students, keeping them on track with their points and making sure they learn!
Nixya-awii Dan Ward for his ability to communicate with all our students as both a teacher and as a mentor and coach. In addition, Dan was instrumental in starting our first ever CTE class.


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