Pendleton Staff in the Spotlight - March 2016

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Congratulations to Pendleton School District Staff in the Spotlight for March 2016! Every month, an employee at each of our schools is honored for going above and beyond their regular duties or for doing something special. Please join us in honoring these great staff members!

Lincoln Rene Levy for her positive work with her students. She keeps things moving in a positive direction in class, while preparing for the move to the new location.


McKay Karen Bordenkircher for her positive, helpful and timely communication with students, staff and parents.  She does so much to help our school run smoothly. We are lucky to have her as the face of McKay.
Sherwood Barbara Fleming for keeping our building organized! She makes our building run and goes above and beyond for students and staff. She is an All-Star!


Washington Anne Stump for being a creative assistant and coming up with ideas to better educate our students. She is kind and caring and is always there for students and faculty. Anne is always willing to help when needed on special projects.


West Hills Brenda Giesen for being the kind of principal who makes you want to be better and not have a panic attack every time she walks in the room. She really goes the extra mile. Brenda wears many hats & deals with many situations, always with a smile. She juggles many duties yet her commitment is to the growth of our students.


PELC Lori Curtis for always being very helpful and doing so with a positive attitude and smile. She has a minimum of 10 things needing her immediate attention, yet she does everything efficiently and with a smile. Lori is always incredibly kind to all students and staff no matter how much chaos surrounds her.
Sunridge Michael Blanc for his dedication to the students. He is always willing to cover classes for others during his prep and is quick to share a laugh with staff & students.



PHS Anita Lewis for her unconditional service and endless dedication to her job, staff and students. She is always going above & beyond to help coaches, attend and assist at all athletic events and school activities. Anita donates so much of her time to sports and kids. Athletics at PHS runs so well because of her!
Hawthorne Teresa Bermel for her constant support of the students she helps in GED class. She is always ready to cover any assignment she is asked to do. Teresa truly cares for the students, advocates for them and will go that extra mile to help as needed.


Homestead Nick Leonard for running very efficient IEP meetings. Nick always does a good job staying up to date on his case load and providing teachers with the information they need to best serve students. Nick takes care of all of our kids' needs while working full time at SMS. He does a great job of being professional and going the extra mile!!



Nixya’awii Carrie Phinney for solving all problems and requests from students and staff and for her constant devotion to our students. Carrie is always there for anyone that needs her, especially for our students in multiple ways, not just as an administrative assistant.



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