Pendleton Staff in the Spotlight - November 2016

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The district is pleased to annnounce the November 2016 Staff in the Spotlight recipients. Every month, each of our schools will honor a staff member at their building for going above and beyond their regular duties or for doing something special. Join us in celebrating these outstanding employees!

PELC Leah Rogers is always going above and beyond to help other without question.  She has a constant positive attitude and encourages all students and co-workers.
McKay Betty Townsend is being acknowledged for dedicating so much of her time and hard work to support students academically and behaviorally while also supporting staff with instruction, good ideas, and assisting with the MTSS procedures.  We are so happy she is at McKay!
Sherwood Barbara Fleming goes above and beyond to help students and taking care of their needs.  She multi tasks every moment of every day yet she takes the time with each student when they need her attention.  She is always caring for the staff and students above and beyond.
Washington Aimee VanNice for putting our students needs first and always being a positive influence on our students.  She is a positive, proactive, amazing leader for our school, our students and our staff.
Sunridge Middle School Kirk Case for being a good presence in the hallways before and after class and school to keep our students on task and getting to class on time.  He does so much for our students and all with a positive attitude.
Pendleton High School Karen Demianew has an unconditional commitment to the students at Pendleton High School.  She is always willing to meet and visit with any student and goes above and beyond to get them the services they need.  She works with students to help re-motivate them and re-engage them back into their academics.
  Nixya'awii Kristin Parr for her extra effort to keep the native language of the Nez Perce growing.  Kristin challenged the students to “say it forward”, she created a class competition for individuals to record various people in the community speaking in Nez Perce.  All of her students had fun participating in the 2 week challenge.
Hawthorne Alternative School Michael Bittorf for being the kind of teacher students miss if they do not come to school.  He builds positive working relationships with his students.  He is a great role model for staff.  As a student remarked, “Mr. Bittorf just knows what we need to learn and how to teach it!”  He always goes the extra mile, has a great laugh and a heart of gold.
  Homestead Emily Williams for being patient and consistent.  She established a great library for the students at Homestead and they truly appreciate new books to choose from.


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