First Day of School Brings New Teachers and Smiling Students

students lined up

More than 3,100 students are enrolled in the Pendleton School District for the 2019-20 school year. On Tuesday, August 27th, the majority of them started their school journey. Although kindergartners and first graders have a “soft start” and will not all be in attendance every day this week, all students grades second through twelfth started Tuesday.

The first day brought 21 new teachers into district buildings, plus lots of bright smiles and some  hesitation for students, but overall, a positive first day.

Lorena Woods, principal at McKay, was busy greeting staff and students and answering questions. Asked what she is most excited about this year, Woods said she is looking forward to connecting the Conscious Discipline training employees learned this summer with all staff and students. “We really want to have a family feel in our building this year,” she said. McKay Creek will serve about 258 students this year.

Hundreds of Sherwood Heights Elementary students were putting their classroom supplies away and learning about quietly walking in hallways on their first day of school. Principal Ronda Smith said, “there are a million things to be excited about for the new year, but honestly just having the kids back in the building ready to learn is awesome!” Almost 450 students will attend Sherwood this year.

On Tuesday, Washington Elementary’s office was busy with ringing phones and parents asking questions, but the staff was taking it in stride. First graders and their parents gathered in the cafeteria to hear about their “soft start” day. Aimee VanNice, Washington principal, said she is also excited to have students back in the hallways and hear their voices. “We are happy to have a lot of new staff join our team and looking forward to opportunities with our new dean of students.” Washington’s enrollment is about 480 students.

To view more photos of the first day at the elementary schools, visit the District Facebook page.

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