Pendleton School District Retirees Honored


At the end of every year, the retirees are recognized for their hard work and commitment to their students. 17 staff members, who have a combined total of 400+ years in the education field, were honored at the PELC.  In a few short weeks, a new adventure awaits as they close out the school year.

Thank you for your many years of impacting students while writing on the blackboard of their lives.

PELC: Storm Webb, Annette Niord, Cris Cunnington, Jan Levy

McKay: Teresa Christensen, Susan Fisher-Alexander, Janet Currin

Sherwood: Diane Herrington, Karen Brown

Washington: Kathy Gregory, Maureen McLaughlin, Deanna Cockburn

Sunridge Middle School: Gary Humphries, Kelly Doherty, David Payne

Pendleton High School: Brian Whitten, Pam Colwell


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