Please be alert

UPDATE from Stuart Roberts, Pendleton Chief of Police - Last evening an Instagram message was received and/or viewed by several Pendleton High School and Athena-Weston students. The images were shared with Pendleton school administrators this morning, which prompted a call to police. The identified messages included two images…one merely contained non-specific text referring to depression and/or potentially suicide. The other was of a male holding a highly modified AR style rifle with an emoji over the face. The caption on the second images reads: “One more day.” As you can see, there is no specific threat to a Pendleton school or any school for that matter. However, since the information was received by school-aged persons precautions are/were taken.

The Pendleton Police Department, Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office, Federal Bureau of Investigations and at least one out of state law enforcement agency have been working to identify the source. Due diligence is being applied, but there are several mechanisms available to people with an appropriate amount of knowledge to disguise their virtual identities. In the end, we may not be able to verify the source, but if additional information or verification is obtained this communication will be updated.

Original Release: This morning it was reported to the administration that there had been a threat made to “a school” on Instagram. The posting is specific to today’s date, but not to a specific location. It is unknown what district the threat is directed towards, but we are taking precautions. District administrators are asking that everyone be vigilant and alert today and report any strange situations. If there is something amiss, please notify the Pendleton Police Department via 911 immediately. The Pendleton PD is investigating this report.

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