School Safety Reminder - September 2018

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Throughout the 2018-19 school year, the district will post information on various safety protocols we follow in our buildings.

Fire/Evacuation Drills
By state law, all public schools are to conduct safety drills on a regular basis. In the Pendleton School District we conduct one fire or evacuation drill each month of the year, September through June.

During an evacuation drill, students should leave their possessions behind except for their cell phones. Staff will escort their classes outside of the building to the designated location, take roll and report any absences or problems to the building administrator. Staff and students will remain outside until either given the “all clear” signal or provided additional information.

Additional Monthly Drills
In addition, every month our schools conduct a specific drill in one of six areas:  1) Lockdown, 2) Lockout, 3) Hold in Classroom, 4) Bomb Threat, 5) Earthquake and 6) Shelter in Place.

For the month of September, in addition to the fire drill/evacuation exercise, all schools will practice a Lockdown drill. A Lockdown is initiated when there is an imminent danger to students and staff within the building or school property. During a Lockdown students are directed to the nearest classroom or secure space. Teachers will lock classroom doors, turn off lights and have students move to an area in the room that is out of line of sight. In a Lockdown, remember "Lock, Lights and Out of Sight." Students and staff will remain in place until an all-clear is given by a first responder and/or school administrator.

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