Superintendent Friday Memo - August 31, 2018

photo of superintenent Chris Fritsch

Superintendent Friday Memo
August 31, 2018
A Drought of another Kind

As we wrap up the first week of the new school year, it appears that we are off to a great start. We have been joined by 2 new building principals, 17 new licensed staff and 6 new instructional aides. Students are in classes and learning!

With that said, we are working through issues with student transportation. All across the Northwest, school districts are faced with a dire shortage of school bus drivers. Our transportation partner, Mid Columbia Bus Company, is working hard recruiting and training enough drivers to meet our needs locally. MidCo is to be commended for their work to re-examine their bus routes and create a more efficient system that will require fewer drivers to get students to and from school and to transport our athletic and activity teams to their events.

For our school routes, we are hopeful to have most of the issues rectified in the next few weeks. As far as the driver shortage, I cannot promise that it can be solved soon, which means routes and activity trips may be impacted from time to time.

Parents of student-athletes will need to be checking the school website and Facebook pages on a daily basis as contests and events are being re-scheduled due to lack of drivers. When we are faced with impacting school routes or activity routes, we chose to impact the activities versus routes getting students to and from school.

I ask that students and parents be patient and as flexible as possible as we work through these issues. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 541-276-6711 or email me at

Thank you.

Chris Fritsch

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