Superintendent's Message - December 2018


The end of calendar year 2018 is nearing. It has been an eventful first half of our current school year. Some highlights we can be proud of include the PHS Buckaroos football team making it to the state 5A semi-finals for the first time since 1977. Coach Erik Davis was selected as the Coach of the Year for his great work, along with several players receiving All-League honors. In addition, the football team was recognized as the 5A State Academic Champions for 2018.

Recently, PHS senior Keyshawn Jackson was recognized as one of 13 students across the state of Oregon to receive a “Beat the Odds” Scholarship sponsored by Stand for Children. We are proud of Keyshawn for his perseverance and determination to overcome barriers that many of us will never know. If you have not heard his story, click on the following link: A special thank you to our staff who have touched Keyshawn’s life and supported him through his journey. He is one example of the many success stories that happen every day in the Pendleton School District.

Now, a few reminders. First, Winter Break is Monday, December 24th thru Friday, January 4th.  School will resume on Monday, January 7, 2019. I know many families celebrate this time of year in a variety of ways, while some may not at all.  Regardless of your circumstances, if possible, have the students in your home engage in educational activities throughout the break. This could be reading a book, newspaper, magazine, blogs, etc, playing educational games, visiting a museum or watching educational programming such as the History Channel.

If your plans allow, remember it is an easier transition back to school after a break if children have maintained their regular routines including sleep/wake schedules. We are looking forward to a great 2019.

I wish you all the very best and hope you have special time with your family and loved ones during this time of year.

Chris Fritsch

Coach Erik Davis
Coach Erik Davis
keyshawn jackson
PHS Senior Keyshawn Jackson



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