Superintendent's Message - November 2018

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Recently I reviewed year one of a five-year strategic plan for our District with the School Board.  The plan contains the mission, vision, motto and belief statements as created by the Board of Directors.  The strategic plan can be viewed in its entirety on the Strategic Plan page on this website. The full plan, as well as a two-page summary, are available. I encourage everyone to review both.

I hope that by now, all of you are aware that our strategic plan has four main goal areas, 1) Pursuit of Instructional Excellence, 2) Being Responsive to the Needs of All Students, 3) Innovative and Emerging Practices, and 4) the Pendleton School District Brand.

For each of the four goal areas we have identified what we call critical elements as well as the means by which we will measure success towards accomplishing our goal.  The data that will be used to measure success of the plan will come from SBAC results at the 3rd, 5th, 8th and 11th grade levels.  We will also use annual student and parent survey results, graduation rates, and dropout rates to measure our success.

As you review our plan, you will also notice tables for each goal that lists the measureables we have identified.  Data is reviewed annually to determine whether we have made progress or not for each measurable.  Color-coded arrows indicate either growth, no change or regression for each area.    The progress indicated is in relation to the prior year.

In the end, our goal is to have every student feel that they belong, be successful as they progress through our district and to ultimately graduate with a diploma.

I hope you find this information useful.


Chris Fritsch, Superintendent

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