Superintendent's Message - October 2018

superintendent Chris Fritsch

We are quickly entering into the heart of the school year. Staff have been getting to know your students. Students have been learning routines and expectations. At the time of this writing, the Bucks Football team is ranked #1 in the state!

The Pendleton School District has embarked on the second year of a five-year strategic plan that was introduced almost one year ago. The work was the result of a committee representing the stakeholder groups that are served by the Pendleton School District. Facilitated by an outside consultant, the committee of 25+ members spent several months reviewing where we had been as a district, discussing what we wanted to become in the future and critical components of how to get there. In the end, we have a document that provides direction for our work, yet is flexible enough to allow for mid-journey adjustments.

The vision that came out of this work is, “The Pendleton School District, a place where I belong, where I can succeed!” The vision statement reflects the organization we hope to become. It is also intended to include both the students and the staff within our district. At the heart of this statement are relationships; building strong relationships between the adults in the system, between adults and students and between students. 

Our motto of “every student, every day” keeps at the forefront the expectation we have of ourselves to see every student succeed, graduate from high school with a diploma and pursue their goals for the future.

The Strategic Plan has four goal areas:
1) Pursuit of Instructional Excellence
2) Responding to the Needs of all Students
3) Emerging and Innovative Programs and Strategies
4) Cultivating and Promoting the PSD brand

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Chris Fritsch, Superintendent

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