May 2019 Staff in the Spotlight

The district is pleased to announce the May 2019 Staff in the Spotlight recipients. Every month, each of our schools honors a staff member at their building for going above and beyond their regular duties or for doing something special. Join us in celebrating these outstanding employees!

randy jeness PELC Randy Jenness is honored for his hard work with students and classes, for supplying teachers with weekly assistance and for always having PE ready and working hard! He is energetic and wonderful!


linzie noble McKay

Linzie Noble is not only an engaging teacher, but she communicates well with parents and has a way of making each of her students feel appreciated and important. Linzie organized a wonderful class musical this spring, which took a lot of extra time and prep work to accomplish. We appreciate her!

iris zamudio Sherwood

Iris Zamudio is celebrated for being patient and kind hearted with every student. She greets every student fresh every day and is so wonderful to work with at Sherwood.

maureen mclaughlin Washington

Maureen McLaughlin is an outstanding educator who is kind and patient with her students. She spends countless hours at school, analyzing data to determine her students' needs and writing engaging lesson plans. She is also a wonderful teammate, always willing to listen, support and help where needed.

kelly doherty Sunridge

Kelly Doherty goes out of her way to be helpful and accommodating to the needs of students and staff, always helping everyone with everything. The office will not be the same without her next year!

brian whitten PHS

Brian Whitten is celebrated for 30 years of outstanding teaching. He always goes above and beyond to make every student feel welcome and capable.

seanne perkins



Seanne Perkins is honored this month for working tirelessly on Prom, leadership, drama and the senior class to create events and activities that make school a happier place for students and staff.


teri mccoy Hawthorne/ Homestead Teri McCoy greets each student with a smile and cheer as they enter Hawthorne every morning. She is dedicated to the students beyond their academic needs by offering support, empathy and an occasional snack. The students and staff of Hawthorne would not be the same without her.
pam worden

District Office

Pam Worden is recognized for her positive attitude and willingness to help others. Since she started her new role as Accounts Payable Clerk, she has been faced with many challenges, but she handles whatever comes with a smile and is never afraid to ask questions.