Message from the Superintendent

A friend of mine once said, “You have to be here to learn here”. How true those words are. Attendance or lack thereof is the number one reason students fall behind or fail academically in school. There are three general things all families can do to promote school attendance.

  1. Stay healthy – encourage students to eat well-balanced meals, maintain consistent sleep patterns, be up to date on all immunizations and encourage students to be active.
  2. Schedule appointments outside of the school day if at all possible. I know in this day and age this can be a challenge.
  3. Plan vacations and family events when school is not in session if at all possible. You can find the school calendar for the next two years on the Calendar Page.

Per Oregon Revised Statute (ORS 163.577) and Pendleton School District Policy (JEA), “all students ages 6-18 who have not completed the 12th grade are required to attend regularly.”  Regular attendance means no more than eight (8) half-day absences per month. Persons who have legal control of a student who is five years old or older are required to have the student attend and maintain regular attendance.

Please feel free to contact your child’s school for specific school processes and procedures when your child is absent from school.

Kevin Headings

Helpful Attendance Resources

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