Title I Program

The Pendleton School District operates one grade school, Pendleton Early Learning Center (PELC), as a Title I funded school. The PELC operates a “school-wide” program where all students are eligible to receive additional instructional support in the areas of reading and math. As a Title I school, the PELC receives additional money provided by the federal government to assist in raising the achievement level of students living in poverty.

Schools with significant levels of poverty based on the percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch may be designated as a school-wide Title I program.

Title I funds may be used in a variety of ways: employ teachers and/or paraprofessionals, provide training and support to teachers and staff, purchase curriculum or technology, and any needed supplies. Title I funds must also fund a family/parent involvement program, including the training of parents and school parent engagement nights hosted at the PELC.

We’re required to annually review our Title I program and plan to make revisions and to determine how effective our plan is.

The school district, principal, teachers, and parents are all involved in developing and implementing the Title I program.

We are required to involve parents in the design and review of our annual Title I plan. We have a parent/school compact that outlines how schools and parents will share responsibility for ensuring that students meet the state standards. Parents of students at Title I schools also have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of the student’s classroom teachers.

Those having additional questions or concerns should contact the Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Matt Yoshioka, at 541-966-3260 or via EMAIL.

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