Board Goals

To accomplish its mission of ensuring that all students learn and achieve their maximum potential, each year the School Board establishes goals and priorities that provide a framework for the district’s continuous improvement efforts.

2018-19 Board Goals

Goal 1 – Pursuit of Instructional Excellence

Critical elements of instructional excellence:
• Recruit the very best staff focusing on both their instructional and interpersonal qualities
• Develop an induction program that supports new staff in the first three years of their career in PSD
• Cultivate a collegial culture that utilizes the power of professional learning communities and peer coaching.
• Ensure that all staff are culturally competent and utilize best practices.
• Ensure that all staff has the knowledge and skills to address the diverse needs of our students and families.
• Maintain focus on the PSD Instructional Framework.

Goal 2 – Be Responsive to the needs of all students

Critical elements for all students to reach their full potential:
• Applying best practices that bridge or reduce the impact to achievement for students of trauma, poverty, cultural diversity.
• Create and implement systems that meet the physical, social, emotional and mental health need of all students.
• Providing for academic interventions early and often to ensure all students are at grade level literacy benchmarks by grade 3.
• Ensure that there are relevance and rigor at all levels to promote student engagement.

Goal 3 – Innovative and emerging practices, strategies and programs

Critical elements of classrooms and schools without borders:
• Innovative practices to the structure of the school day or year that are supported by replicable data.
• Hybrid learning opportunities that blend classroom experience with virtual/online learning.
• Bridging the classroom experience to the world of work.

Goal 4 – Establish and maintain the Pendleton School District brand

Critical elements of promoting our brand:
• A periodic inventory of the programs and classes offered
• Intentional assessment of program effectiveness
• Identification of target groups and their needs
• Branding that reflects the value of the district
• Branding that catches the attention of our audiences
• Frequent exposure and communication out of our stories
• Utilize multiple modes to communicate the stories
• District participation in community efforts to improve the quality of place for Pendleton including economic development and community health.