Board Goals

To accomplish its mission of providing each student with a strong academic program in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment, each year the School Board establishes goals and priorities that provide a framework for the district’s continuous improvement efforts.

Goals for the 2016-17 school year are as follows:

Goal 1 - High Quality Teaching, Learning, and Enrichment

Provide high quality instruction for all students in an aligned P-12 system resulting in increased student achievement and successful college and career readiness.
Areas of laser focus: student perseverance skills; every student challenged and supported-both high and low achieving; teacher mentoring program; data-based decision making

  1. Successfully introduce the iReady universal screener into the K-12 curricula.
  2. Re-introduce the ‘Class Project’ mentoring program for teachers in a financially sustainable fashion
  3. Continue to ingrain and develop Multi-Tier Systems of Support at the elementary level and further expand the educational approach into the secondary.
  4. Sustain PSD Extended Learning Program.
  5. Continue the district’s focus on cultural competency through professional development and by seeking and building outside partnerships.
  6. Improve student attendance by increasing non-traditional pathways to graduation and promoting high interest activities and programs.
  7. Maintain AP/dual credit/Eastern Promise/CTE courses while balancing elementary class sizes.
  8. Research and build staff focus on the achievement gap relative to every school.
  9. Successfully transition the CTE and alternative programs into the new facility and begin working to integrate the two programs with PHS.

Goal 2 – Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Environment

Provide an educational environment where students are safe, supported and empowered in their learning.
Areas of laser focus:    staff empowerment with disruptive student behavior; dress code enforcement

  1. Maintain Positive Behavior Supports Systems at the elementary level and expand this approach into the secondary.
  2. Foster a positive school climate throughout the district.
  3. Develop and implement staff and student emergency responses through realistic drills and practice.
  4. Revise the district emergency plans and building emergency procedures to match ‘I Love U Guys’ procedures

Goal 3 – Outreach, Involvement, and Partnerships

Leverage our skills and resources with parents and community partners to strengthen P-12 educational programs.
Areas of laser focus: increase family involvement opportunities to ensure student success; enhance community and tribal partnerships; successful P-Tech CTE program opening

  1. Refine the PSD Career Technical Education Program through a focus on student/community needs and expanded business/industrial partnerships.
  2. Continue efforts to increase parental involvement and expand parent education opportunities.
  3. Cultivate a positive relationship with the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.
  4. Develop early learning partnerships locally and at the state level in order to establish a seamless P-12 system.
  5. Develop Community partners to increase student engagement and parent involvement.

Goal 4 – Strategic Plan Development

Use the DLT and a diverse Steering Committee to finish creating a new strategic plan for 2017-2022.
Areas of laser focus: the plan will have a vision, mission, core values and strategies as before but will also add outcomes, key indicators and measurable target goals for a comprehensive 5 year plan.

  1. Provide the needed communication and logistics to create a long-term strategic plan.
  2. Work to ensure that the work of the DLT is considered and incorporated into a new district strategic plan.
  3. Ensure that the final strategic plan includes the tools and organizational structure for ongoing implementation.