December 2020 Staff in the Spotlight

The district is pleased to announce the December 2020 Staff in the Spotlight recipients. Every month, each of our schools honors a staff member at their building for going above and beyond their regular duties or for doing something special. Join us in celebrating these outstanding employees!

PELC Leah Rogers for being supportive to staff and students.  She is a pleasure to work with and is always kind and caring to others.  Leah makes strong connections with everyone and is positive and encouraging at all times.  She is a big ray of sunshine.
McKay Donna Key – for amazing work with our day camp kids.  She has worked so hard to make that room warm and friendly.  She has taken on a new challenge and given our day camp students the best learning experience possible during these crazy times.  All of her hard works really shows too, because the students love Mrs. Key.
Sherwood Rayella Walker – for keeping our school so clean and keeping us safe throughout this crazy time.  She is easy to find when we need her help and is willing to go the extra mile always with a smile behind the mask.  She is awesome.
Washington Maria Davis – for her outstanding job of supporting the WHOLE school.  Maria goes above and beyond to connect with students and families, help meet individual needs, and ensure success.  In our building Maria works hard to support all staff.  She hops into wherever she is needed, is willing to take on any task, and isn’t afraid of a challenge.  She has done an amazing job of bringing the POSITIVE to our building this year.
Sunridge Emma Sims –  for all the selfless things she does for everyone around her.  Her kind, generous spirit is a pleasure to be around.  She is always helpful and giving in any situation.  Thank you!  And, thank you for getting a lot of the gifts for the Christmas bags this year.
PHS Jess Cooper for outstanding professional excellence and always seeing the big picture.  He supports his students while still having high expectations.  Jess comes early, stays late, and puts in time on his own to support his students while still maintaining high expectations.  We are proud to work with him at PHS!
Hawthorne/ Homestead Kim Richards – for incorporating cross curricular projects into her classroom – specifically working with students to create written reports on famous scientists with a focus on their global contributions.  Way to go!
District Office/Maintenance Pam Worden – for being a very caring and genuine person.  She goes above and beyond to help others within the district and outside and does so without expecting anything in return.  As Pam prepares for retirement, the District Office staff feels blessed to have had Pam on our team, and we wish her all the best moving forward!
Nixyáawii Jewel Kennedy – for extending her availability for the needs of our students.