January 2022 Staff in the Spotlight

The district is pleased to announce the January 2022 Staff in the Spotlight recipients. Every month, each of our schools honors a staff member at their building for going above and beyond their regular duties or for doing something special. Join us in celebrating these outstanding employees!

Alex Arroyo PELC Alex Arroyo – He has our building looking so wonderful. Alex does an amazing job cleaning our building, helping our team of custodians, and maintaining a very positive outlook. Alex takes pride in keeping the PELC in top-notch condition for students and staff. We are thrilled to have him back.
Shelby Spriet McKay Shelby Spriet – for being one of the best leaders. She has passion and drive to constantly improve and fix problems. She is kind and loves the kids above all. She takes chances and is so good at what she does. She was meant to be a teacher and a leader.
Rayella Walker Sherwood Rayella Walker – Rayella is currently our day custodian. Here is what our staff has to say about her. Rayella is a rock star. She is amazing at keeping our school clean and safe for everyone. We really appreciate how hard she works every day doing the big stuff and also the little stuff for us. We couldn’t do it without her. Rayella is quick to come to the aid of anyone who needs her. She is flexible to changes in her routine and has an amazing work ethic.
Danika Bond Washington Danika Bond – for being a rock star teacher. She goes above and beyond to meet students’ needs. Mrs. Bond is an excellent teammate.
Quinn Williams Sunridge Quinn Williams – Dedication – yours is one of the cars I can count on seeing in the parking lot every weekend and first thing every morning. Thank you for all the time you put into your craft.
Kimi Carlson PHS Kimi Carlson – A secretary is the first face and voice someone encounters when they call or come into the main office. The school secretary is your stakeholders’ true litmus test of the school culture and climate, as well as a reflection of the school principal’s vision, beliefs, and leadership. That is what is so amazing about Kimi. When a student comes in with a question, needs to use the phone, or has a question, she never makes them feel they are bothering her. Instead, she gives them the attention they deserve and shows them she is there to help. It is the same for parents, guests, and our staff; Kimi always goes out of her way to let them know they are part of the community and that it was her privilege to help and assist them. Along with showing empathy and care to the school, Kimi is always there for PHS Administration, checking to ensure our administration has everything they need to succeed. From asking us if there is anything she could take off our plate to putting out fires that she can handle without us, there is never a day Kimi doesn’t ask us how we are feeling or give us an encouraging word. She believes her job is to care for others. PHS is lucky to have her as our administrative secretary.
Kim Richards Hawthorne/ Homestead Kim Richards – for planning and executing engaging labs for her students. Kim goes above and beyond to make labs meaningful and hands-on. We appreciate her work with our kids.
Gabriel Elder District Office/Maintenance Gabriel Elder – We would like to recognize substitute teacher Gabriel Elder for his commitment and determination in serving our students and supporting our district. On a recent 2-hour late start, Gabriel did not have transportation to get to his assignment that day. Instead of canceling the assignment, he contacted the school and told them he may be a little late. Gabriel proceeded to walk from his home near the Red Lion to Sherwood Heights Elementary School. Gabriel’s dedication is just another example of that quality that lives in our staff and community. Thank you, Gabriel, for your contributions in your role to our district.
Aaron Noisey Nixyáawii Aaron Noisey – for being there for all the optional Friday School Days, volunteering to take kids snowboarding, and other extracurricular activities.