November 2019 Staff in the Spotlight

The district is pleased to announce the November 2019 Staff in the Spotlight recipients. Every month, each of our schools honors a staff member at their building for going above and beyond their regular duties or for doing something special. Join us in celebrating these outstanding employees!

PELC Brian Zimmerman for being flexible and always willing to make adjustments to benefit children.  He works hard to find activities that work with all students.  Brian is such a team player and a wonderful and fun part of our staff.
McKay Tanna Alford is McKay’s unsung hero.  She does an excellent job with all her assigned students, but what most people don’t see are all the extra things she does behind the scenes.  She doesn’t do them for praise; she just does them because she is a kind and caring person.  She plays a major role in the success of our school family.  She makes our work environment friendly and inspiring, going above and beyond for our building and students.  She helps some of our highest need students to have successful days at school.
Sherwood Piper Kelm is the Dean of Students.  She is new to Sherwood but has already had a positive impact on our school.  She is quick to answer radio calls and is always there for staff and students.  She is amazing not only with our challenging students, but also with all of our students and staff.  She is gentle and calm with her words whenever she is helping a student out.  She has taken the time to make connections with staff and students.  She is always helping everyone with kindness and listens when someone needs an ear.  She has a heart of gold and is a wonderful addition to Sherwood.
Washington Darla Patterson for working extremely hard to keep our school spic and span.  She also works with students, making connections, supporting them in being leaders and helpers in our school.  Darla’s hard work does not go unnoticed, she is greatly appreciated.
Sunridge Carly Lynch for creating a fun, exciting place for our students to learn about food, cooking, and healthy choices.  She has a positive attitude towards kids.
PHS Karen Demianew for always supporting staff and students and going above and beyond.  She manages and operates very efficient and effective staff and student meetings.  She serves as an excellent and knowledgeable advocate for all.  She also manages two enormous classes without losing her mind or sense of humor.
Nixya’awii Kitchen Staff of Cecelia Stanger, Natasha Herrera, Joeseph Tamayo, Katelyn Redbird, Amanda Burke, and Rosie Jackson for providing excellent breakfasts and lunches for our students.  Their effort in providing delicious and varying meals is greatly appreciated.
Hawthorne/ Homestead Travis Zander not only teaches all day, but he spends countless hours volunteering time for kids outside of school at baseball fields and other recreational activities.  He also works weekends and holidays at Homestead to give the boys an opportunity to get in the community and have a nice meal, play games, or see movies.  He goes above and beyond to support our students.  He gives his prep time most days to monitor and assist students who are working extra hard to retrieve credits.   He works tirelessly to help get kids where they want to go academically.
District Office Bryan Franklin for his positive can do attitude.  He is always willing to help out where needed and goes the extra mile every day.