September 2019 Staff in the Spotlight

The district is pleased to announce the September 2019 Staff in the Spotlight recipients. Every month, each of our schools honors a staff member at their building for going above and beyond their regular duties or for doing something special. Join us in celebrating these outstanding employees!

PELC Anne Sokoloski does so many things to help prepare us for the start of the school year and make everything run smoothly.  She builds strong connections with our students, while providing great support to families and staff every day.  We appreciate Anne’s hard work and leadership at the PELC.
McKay Kadysha Wood is really shining as an educator who pays attention to details.  Her classroom environment is inviting to all students and she a calm and welcoming manner about her.  Kadysha is a great addition to our McKay family and the Pendleton School District.
Sherwood Addie Corey is a 3rd/4th grade teacher being acknowledged for always having a positive attitude with her work and her students.  She has taken on the ¾ split this year with professionalism and positivity, and grace.  She begins and ends every day with a smile and treats all people with care and respect.  She helps to make every student feel special and greets students fresh even when they’re having a tough day.  She’s amazing!
Washington Maria Davis wears many hats to support students, staff, and families.  She is always available to lend a helping hand and goes the extra mile to help others be successful and feel good.
Sunridge John Bradt for jumping right in and being willing to tackle anything thrown his way and fill in when needed.  He brings a positive perspective and energy to our school.  He’s Awesome!
PHS Jackie Brown for always being organized and making all students feel at home all of the time.  She puts time and commitment into her IEP students as well as the organization she puts into running her IEP meetings.
Hawthorne/Homestead Emily Williams is recognized for her persistence with students to get the most out of them no matter what level they are at in ELA.  She works extremely hard with all students every day.  I see a difference in their willingness to be involved in other classes due to the confidence they gain from hers.
District Office/
Dundee Dunfee for working hard to get all of our school grounds ready for students and helping out at Wars.
Nixyáawii Community School Zach Gaulke for helping set up all our new smart projectors for the staff so they were ready the first day with students.