Licensure for Activity Vehicles

The Pendleton School District contracts with First Student, Inc. for student transportation.  They are offering to facilitate the licensure process to drive Type 10 (vehicle transports 9 passengers + 1 driver) and Type 20 (vehicle transports 13 passengers + 1 driver) activity vehicles.

To be licensed to drive a Type 10 vehicle:
Step 1 – Confirm or obtain a current First Aid/CPR certification
Step 2 – Read the manual
Step 3 – Take the knowledge test
Step 4 – Upon completion, bring your knowledge test and valid ODL with you to First Student, Inc.  Patrick Phillips, Location Manager, will get you licensed.  This takes approximately 10 minutes.

***Please note Type 10 licensure expires June 30 of each year.***

To be licensed to drive a Type 20 vehicle, please contact Patrick Phillips at First Student, Inc.  Training takes a minimum of 4 hours.

The Activity Vehicle Drivers Handbook/Manual is designed to give the basic information needed for Type 10/Type 20 Drivers using the Activity Vehicles for student transportation.

TYPE 10 Knowledge Test

TYPE 20 Knowledge Test

First Student, Inc.
338 NW 57th Drive
Pendleton, OR 97801