PHS Summer Credit Retrieval Programs

June 7 - July 1, 2021 Monday through Thursday

Bus Route Information

Starting April 12, 2021 – K-5 Full-Day and 6-12 Hybrid bus routes are linked below.

Call Mid Co Bus Company if you have any questions.  541-276-5621

Bus Routes

  • Baymax  (May Park, South Hill, SW Isaac, Main & Frazer)
  • Bolt (Mission Hwy, Mission Area, Lincoln, Carden)
  • Charlie B (Lloyd, Shaw, Patawa, Tutuila, S. Market)
  • Elsa (Vista Village, Community Park, PHS)
  • Ironhide (Cayuse, River Rd, Shortmile, Lucky 7, Nix)
  • Leonidas (Shortmile, Lucky 7, Whirlwind, Wildhorse)
  • Mater (Adams, Kirkpatrick, Lincoln, Pioneer Park)
  • Olaf (AM Voyager students and Mid-Day Baymax students)
  • Sulley (Reith, Perkins, Community Park)
  • Thor (Airport, Northgate, Gilliam, Peebler, NW 49th)
  • Tigger (Mt. Hebron, Old Adams, Riverside)
  • Turbo (McKay Dam)
  • Voyager (Meacham)
  • Yoda (Red Lion, Washington area, Homestead area)