Key Communicators

Mission Statement

The Key Communicator Network is a network of opinion leaders who establish solid two-way communications among organizations and their public.  These opinion leaders talk to lots of people who tend to listen to what they have to say. They keep in touch with district officials and immediately report questions, concerns, rumors, etc.

Goals of the Key Communicator Network Committee Include:

  1. Improved communication with the public leads to better student education because of a higher level of trust and communication in decision making.
  2. An informed community also increases parental involvement and support for students.

Who are the Pendleton School District's Key Communicators?

Name Organization/Affiliation
Beth Harrison Parent
Casey White Zollman BMCC
Chris Fritsch PSD Superintendent
Chris Rush East Oregonian
Dan Duso Parent
Darcey Ridgway Ed Foundation
Dennis Bailey-Fougnier BMCC President
Fred Robinson Vet
Gail Nelson Umatilla Co Economic Dev & Tourism
Gary Burke CTUIR Board of Trustees Chairman
Gary George Board Member
Genna Banica Parent
Heidi Van Kirk Parent
Jane Hill Community Leader
Julie Smith PSD Director of Special Programs
June Mohrland Patron
Karen Shearer OEA Rep
Kathryn B. Brown East Oregonian
Kevin Hale Coldwell Banker
Kristen Dollarhide Travel Pendleton
Leslie Carnes Lost & Found
Liam Hughes Parks & Rec
Linda Neuman City Council
Mandy Oyama Parent
Mark Mulvihill InterMountain ESD
Matt Yoshioka PSD Director of CIA
Michele Madril InterMountain ESD
Michelle Jones PSD Director of Business Services
Pamela Duso Parent
Pat Beard Convention Center
Preston Eagleheart Cayuse Technologies 
Rick Oliver St Anthony Hospital Pastoral Care 
Robb Corbett Pendleton City Manager
Roberta Lavadour Arts Center
Stuart Roberts Pendleton Police Department
Suzie Stuveland CAPECO
Terry Murray Elkhorn Media
Wil Phinney CUJ

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Pendleton School District's Key Communicator Network, please contact:

Ronda Thornburg

When do Key Communicators meet with the District?

3 times a year for 60-90 minutes.

  • October 24, 2019
  • February 20, 2020
  • May 14, 2020

District Office Contacts for Key Communicators

Key Communicators may contact Pendleton School District officials by visiting the District Office (107 NW 10th St.), by calling the appropriate phone number or via email.

  • Chris Fritsch, Superintendent | 541.276.6711 | 
  • Ronda Thornburg, Superintendent’s Secretary | 541.276.6711 | (r)
  • Michelle Jones, Director of Business Services | 541.966.3259 | (m)
  • Matt Yoshioka, Director of Curriculum | 541.966.3260 | (m)
  • Julie Smith, Director of Special Programs | 541.966.3262 | (j)