Key Communicators

What is a Key Communicator Network?

The Pendleton School District is interested in establishing solid two-way communication with our public. Essentially, a Key Communicator Network is a network of opinion leaders who establish this solid two-way communication among organizations and their public. These opinion leaders talk to many people who tend to listen to what they have to say. They keep in touch with school officials and immediately report questions, concerns, rumors, etc.

Why do we need a Key Communicator Network?

Improved communication with the public is likely to lead to better education at the school because the community will be more informed, which should lead to more involvement and support for students. Improved communication should also increase the level of trust our community has in the Pendleton School District.

Who are the Pendleton School District's Key Communicators?

NAME Organization/Affiliation
Barry Featherstone Graybeal Distributing
Val Bates Retired Principal
Kathryn Brown East Oregonian
Lt. Bill Caldera Pendleton Police Department
Michael Corey Wheatland Insurance
Katie Curtis Retired Principal
Tammy Dennee Pendleton Community Member
Tiah DeGrofft Wildhorse Resort
Dave Fiore UniServ Consultant
Dean Fouquette Dean's Pendleton Athletic
Ron Gavette Pendleton Community Member
Kevin Hale Coldwell Banker
Marie Hall Eastern Oregon University/BMCC
Sherry Hubbard Pendleton School District Employee
Michelle Jones PSD Director of Business Services
Dan Lange Blue Mountain Community College
Sandy Mayberry Retired Counselor
Dr. John McBee Retired Dentist
June Mohrland St. Anthony Hospital
Dr. Mark Mulvihill InterMountain ESD
Gail Nelson Pendleton Chamber of Commerce
Skip Nichols East Oregonian
Lona Odom Retired Teacher
Rick Oliver Pastor, Church of God
Justin Pearce St. Anthony Hospital
Ronda Smith Pendleton School District Employee
Pat Sullivan Attorney/Judge
Lorena Thompson Wildhorse Resort
Bridget VanCleave Trusttime
Michele Madril InterMountain ESD

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Pendleton School District's Key Communicator Network, please contact:

Ronda Thornburg

How do Key Communicators receive information from the District?

Key Communicators will receive honest, objective, consistent information from the District. The Pendleton School District will communicate the good news -- and will report the bad news. These reports will occur during regular meetings with Key Communicators, in one-on-one conversations with District Office staff, and through regular electronic communications. Key Communicators are encouraged to contact Pendleton School District officials at any time with questions, comments or concerns.

When do Key Communicators meet with the District?

Being a part of the Key Communicator Network does not take an inordinate amount of time. The Key Communicator Network will meet 3-4 times a year.

District Office Contacts for Key Communicators

Key Communicators may contact Pendleton School District officials by visiting the District Office (107 NW 10th St.), by calling the appropriate phone number or via email.

  • Chris Fritsch, Superintendent
    541-276-6711 or
  • Ronda Thornburg, Superintendent's Secretary
  • 541-966-3250 or
  • Michelle Jones, Director of Business Services
    541-966-3259 or